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Friday, October 24, 2014

#SpankorTreat The Spanking Connection: an erotic romance short story


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The Spanking Connection
By Sara Daniel
© 2014
Maddie spread a worn blanket in the grass next to the clear stream. She would miss these weekly picnics by the creek, but even more, she’d miss Jonah, her sexy, enigmatic picnic buddy.
Unable to afford both the Wisconsin cabin and her Chicago apartment, she didn’t have much choice but to let go of the property she’d inherited from her grandmother in favor of the location within walking distance of her city job.
“Your face is way too glum for the last gorgeous weekend of the year.” Jonah emerged from the path linking their cabins. With black hair gracing his shoulders and his black T-shirt stretched tight over his sculpted chest, he looked like he belonged on the cover of one of those romance novels she’d found in the cabin’s attic.
Unlike those too-macho cover models, he carried a wicker basket full of 100 percent natural and delicious foods he’d prepared from his garden. She’d never find anything as amazing in the city—neither food nor man.
“I won’t be here next summer…or even next week.”
His gorgeous body stilled, and his smile faded. “What happened?”
Since she’d already ruined the perfect day, she had no reason to put off telling him. “I’ve decided to sell my cabin.”
“Well, you’re not dying,” he said slowly. “That’s good news. Can’t stand your redneck neighbor?”
“My neighbor has been nothing but wonderful.” And his presence brought her every nerve ending to life. Saying good-bye was harder than she’d imagined. “And for the record, your neck was only sunburned for half the summer.”
She rose and kicked off her shoes, padding barefoot through the grass. In the past nine months, he’d become her best friend, her confidant, and very nearly her lover. Scared sex would change the bond between them, she hadn’t wanted to take the step and risk losing him. After today, she’d lose him anyway.
She glided her hand over the smooth planes of his cheek, trying to imprint the features on her palm. “Grandmother willed the cabin to me, expecting me to connect with nature and explore my roots as a witch. Quite bluntly, I failed.”
She’d spent most of her life disappointing the eccentric family members who expected her to buy in to her natural and magical heritage. Stuffed in a boardroom for sixty-hour work weeks, she barely glimpsed real sunlight, never mind immersed herself in the natural world.
“We have picnics in the middle of nature every week. You’re connecting.”
“Not with nature. I’m connecting with you. Trust me, Jonah. When I’m with you, I can’t focus on anything else. I’m a bad witch.”
His lips quirked. “Does the bad witch need a spanking?”
“Of course not.” He might be able to joke, but she couldn’t, not with her eyes blurring and her throat clogging with unshed tears. Being a Wiccan failure didn’t upset her, but never again focusing exclusively on him did.
She took the picnic basket from his grasp and turned away. Bending over it, she began pulling dishes from the basket. Usually, she couldn’t wait to taste the organic vegetarian feast, but her appetite had vanished.
“I think a spanking is exactly what you need.”
His quiet words sent a hot thrill through her. She tugged her waist-length shirt, but it was too short to provide an extra layer over the formfitting leggings covering her ass. At least the ridiculous suggestion had evaporated the threat of tears. “How will humiliating me and giving me a sore butt help me get in touch with nature?”
“You’ve been trying for nine months, and nothing else has worked, so you obviously don’t have a better idea. And I don’t intend to humiliate you. Come here.” He rested his palm on her ass.
She jumped, half-wishing for a stinging slap, half-wishing he’d gently explore her cheeks and then rock her world with the most intimate of caresses.
Taking her hand, he led her to the edge of the creek, where the clear, shallow water gurgled over small stones. “Do you trust me?”
“Yes, but—”
He brushed his lips across hers, silencing her with his sweetness. “Then let’s try it. You can tell me to stop anytime.” He sat on a flat rock, facing upstream, and patted his thighs.
Maddie took a deep breath. The stuffy businesswoman in her couldn’t believe she’d consider such a barbaric practice. The rest of her was a little interested, a little hesitant, and a lot turned on. “Have you spanked anyone before?”
“I’ve fantasized about spanking you since the first time I saw you.”
She didn’t have to worry about anything trumping the humiliation of their meeting. A downward-facing dog yoga position in the creek did not connect a novice witch with nature, regardless of the Internet testimonials claiming otherwise.
The heat of Jonah’s gaze burned away her mortification, leaving a hot coal of desire in its place. Despite her failure as a witch, she could give him a good-bye gift and fulfill his fantasy.
Awkwardly, she bent over his lap, staring down at the rippling rocks beneath the shallow water while he adjusted her hips against his thighs. Her shirt rode up, and she reached to tug it over her waist. Intercepting her, he guided her hands into the water.
The cold liquid rushed over her palms, filling her senses until the snap against her ass yanked her back into the moment. She jolted against his lap, and the current splashed up her wrists.
A delicious hardness behind Jonah’s zipper pressed against her side, filling her with desire. The spanking thing really did turn him on. And he wasn’t the only one. She was so hot and wet, she had to fight the urge to squirm.
His palm smacked across both ass cheeks again and then alternated left and right. She reached deeper into the water and clenched her fist around a smooth stone, the refreshing chill contrasting with the stinging heat of her butt and the wet, sultry heat between her legs. She never would have imagined being spanked could be such an erotic turn-on.
Her ears filled with the trickling rhythm of the stream inches below, and her arms floated in the smooth, steady current, filling her with a calmness she’d never been able to achieve through yoga or meditation.
Cool air teased her tender flesh. The spell broken, she jerked her head up. Jonah smoothed his palm over her bare ass, the elastic waistband of her leggings now stretched across her thighs.
He probably had expected another layer, and she’d shocked him with more bad behavior. “I couldn’t wear underwear,” she explained. “The panty lines would have shown.”
“Very smart. I approve.”
His approval apparently didn’t negate her “bad witch” punishment because he smacked her bare cheeks with enthusiasm. She stretched toward the creek, digging her fingers into the grooves between the pebbles until her palms filled with soft mud. As she squeezed her fists, the cool balm of the mud seeped through her, soothing the heat and hurt of her backside into a hum of desire.
The rhythmic slaps abruptly ceased. Leaning over her, Jonah scooped a handful of water. A moment later, the cold liquid trickled first over one fiery ass cheek then the other, the icy salve both shocking and erotic. She jerked and hissed.
“You like it?” He traced a finger down her crack and along her wet and aching slit, bumping her clit.
Unable to formulate a single word, she gasped her delight and eagerness for more.
Stroking her opening again, he dipped a finger inside her. A current of white-hot desire poured through her, wet waves encircling his digit as the water from the brook coursed against her fingers. Wet, steady, reassuring rhythms in pure, natural form buffeted her, melding her body and soul.
She didn’t know if nature had brought her closer to Jonah, or if he had opened her connection to the earth, but she knew without a doubt she didn’t want to separate the two. She wanted them both. They were both an intrinsic part of her.
“I need to fully connect with you. Be one with me and nature,” she begged.
Grunting, he scooted out from under her. Lying on her stomach over the hard, smooth rock, she reached back and yanked off her leggings while he unbuttoned his jeans and tore open a condom.
He draped his body over hers, sandwiching her between his sculpted, muscled torso and the unyielding piece of nature millions of years old that would continue to stand long after she was gone. The heat of Jonah’s pelvis seared her sensitive ass. He grasped her hips, raising her and angling himself against her opening.
“Yes, yes,” she urged. The creek’s current rushed through her fingers. Not trying to hold back the natural flow, she let it sweep her along as he pressed into her.
As he glided in and out of her passage in a rhythm as old as time, a minnow swam along her arm. Across the bank, a bullfrog croaked. Overhead, birds chirped. Unable to stay silent, she added her cry of joy to the symphony.
Jonah lowered his body so he covered her from head to toe, his hands braced on the rock on either side of her. He brushed his lips against the side of her neck, sending waves of tenderness and fresh desire through her.
Needing him to experience the connection to nature with their lovemaking, she scooped her right palm through the clear creek and poured the cool water over the knuckles of his left hand.
He lurched inside her, deepening the penetration and her pleasure. “Do it again,” he rasped.
She plunged her shaking hands into the water again and brought the gushing stream to him. Her pelvic muscles squeezed, milking his pleasure.
Grasping his fingers, she pulled them from the surface of the rock and immersed them in the flowing stream. His cock thrust deeper, hitting her pleasure point. Turning her head, she captured his mouth, tangling her tongue with his as bliss consumed her.
She’d become one with the earth, the creek, the creatures around them, and most of all, Jonah.
After several minutes, he levered onto his elbows and rolled into a sitting position. Tugging her onto his lap, he nuzzled her neck while she relaxed against his chest, content beyond her wildest imaginations.
“I don’t know if you’re a good witch or a bad witch. But you’re an amazing woman, and I believe we belong together,” he said, his voice strong and confident, leaving no doubt he could handle the witch in her and the woman, as well.
She wrapped her arms around him, belonging in a way she never had in the city or with her family or anywhere else. “I believe that too. How crazy would I be if I quit my job, dumped my apartment, and stayed here forever?”
“Not crazy at all. I happen to know a guy who owns a lot of property and whose herbs and vegetables are in high demand. But he’s kind of a recluse who could use a business manager who’s really in tune with nature.”
She smiled, bursting with happiness. The connections that had eluded her for most of her life—to the earth, to others, to her own desires—settled deep in her bones. “If I say I need to think about it, will you spank me until I agree?”
His eyes twinkled. “It would be my pleasure.”
“The pleasure will be mine,” she corrected. “But I’ll share it with you and everything around us.”

Author Bio: Sara Daniel writes what she loves to read—irresistible romance, from sweet to erotic and everything in between. She battles a serious NASCAR addiction and was once a landlord of two uninvited squirrels. She lives her own happily-ever-after romance with her hero husband. You can learn more on her website: For updates on her new releases, subscribe to her newsletter at:

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hunter's Mark #BeyondFairytales M/M New Release for @vsmorgan1 @DecadentPub

Title: Hunter’s Mark
Author: V.S. Morgan
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Length: 74 pages
Genre(s): Contemporary Erotic I/R M/M Paranormal Romance

Available many locations including:

Release Date October 10, 2014

Artist Casey Smith lives a quiet life, under the radar of his enemies, until one fateful night he loses control and the astonishing image of a wolf racing down a suburban street splashes all over social media.

Hunter’s bullet never misses its target. The assassin seeks out and kills his prey with a clear conscience by following two simple rules: 1) Don’t kill innocents 2) Don’t kill shifters. 

Realizing his latest assignment violates those rules, the hunter activates Princess Protocol and the assassin becomes the protector. Red hot attraction flares between the hit man and his former target. Can Hunter resist the sweet shifter in his care?

He stepped closer to Casey’s stall but stumbled over something small and furry. The toe of one Birkenstock caught on a clump of grass as he attempted not to trample the little beast, and he ass-planted with said beast jumping onto his chest to give him a broad doggie smile.
His buddy laughed piss-your-pants-hard in his ear. Fuck a duck.
“Miss Priscilla!”
The target he’d worked so hard to observe remotely sank to the ground between his sprawled-out legs, peeling the tiny hairball off his chest and setting it on the ground.
“I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”
Big blue eyes fringed with long, pale lashes scanned his body while strong yet gentle hands moved over his ankles and legs, searching for an injury. Oh, a toucher. His wolf basked in the tactile attention. His breath hitched as those hands glided past his knees and skimmed his thighs.
Damn, he needed to get laid after this assignment.
“Oh, my, what a li’l sweetie. Look at those freckles! I wonder if he’s got them everywhere. I’d like to lick them,” Rex crowed in his ear.
He growled.
The other man chortled. “Possessive, much?”
He inhaled deeply, only to be slammed with the force of a Mack truck. Strawberries on a warm summer’s day and fresh-cut grass—shit, his target smelled delicious. He took another breath, and his brain reeled. He’s a wolf shifter, too? Fuck.
Casey’s brows furrowed. “Where are you hurt?”
He forced a smile. “I’m fine. No worries.”
Casey returned the smile, his wide and high beam combined with sparkling eyes. Hunter stared as warmth wrapped around him like a blanket. He had no ammo against such a happy, open expression. The guy freaking glowed.

About the Author:
V.S. Morgan has lived all over the US but calls Minnesota her home now. Her family includes her hubby, son, and a menagerie of pets.

She's been writing stories since she could hold a pencil and dreams of happily ever afters - even for two hot men - because love knows no boundaries. V.S. writes MC/IR contemporary, paranormal, and suspense m/m and m/f with heart. She plans to branch into fantasy and sci fi romance, as well.

V.S. is a GLBT ally and a lifetime contributor of The Trevor Project.

Facebook and Goodreads: V.S. Morgan
Twitter: @vsmorgan1

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#WiccanHaus Spotlight Book 11: Guarding His Heart by @CarolynSpearRom @MusaPublishing #pnr

The Wiccan Haus is a series of shared-world books, which means that multiple authors will write books set in the same world. The books are stand alones and can be read in order. However, we recommend that you read Shifting Hearts first, because this book introduces you to the world, the residents, and the magic of the Wiccan Haus.

Each week I am spotlighting a Wiccan Haus book on my blog. Not only am I an author for the series, I'm also a fan!

Week #11:

Guarding His Heart
by Carolyn Spear

On an island where paranormals walk secretly among humans, can Trevor trust his heart and his secret to a human woman?
School teacher Cassidy Sinclair’s sanity is questioned after claiming to see her hero appear out of thin air. Her savior dies in her arms after intercepting a gunshot meant for her and her student, Allan Branson. The only person who believes her account is the boy’s father who arranges her one-week stay at an exclusive holistic healing spa called the Wiccan Haus off the coast of Maine.
Trevor Green, a paranormal, is recovering—again—from gunshot wounds at Wiccan Haus. His body battered and his confidence broken, he is tasked to protect the woman he almost got killed. The one he’s fantasized about for months and who thinks he’s dead.
- See more at:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

#WiccanHaus Thriller for @MySexySaturday - A Man Worth Fighting For #pnr #MSSAuthor

The unmistakable crack of a rifle split the air. A bullet breezed by Justin’s shoulder and embedded in the tree behind him. He reached into his waistband for his gun and realized he was unarmed. Shit!

He threw his body at Holly and shoved her to the ground, covering her body with his. Being with her had completely dulled his instincts. He hadn’t noticed any signs of danger, hadn’t felt a warning in his gut that something was off or someone was after him.

One thing was certain. He didn’t have to worry to he was paranoid. If he’d taken another step forward, he wouldn’t be worried about a thing right now. He’d be dead. Likely, Holly would be too. “Don’t say a word. Don’t move. Our lives depend on it.”

Her eyes widened in panic, but she nodded.

Shit. If this was anything more than a hunter’s bullet gone awry, the killer wasn’t going to leave a witness when he took out Justin. Holly was in just as much danger as he was. Lying on the ground, they were protected by a large boulder between them and the direction of the fire. Of course, luck probably didn’t have anything to do with it. The killer had likely chosen it, so they wouldn’t spot him until it was too late.

He slowly lifted his body off Holly. “Don’t move, no matter what happens. Understand?”

Her eyes widened, looking more horrified, but she nodded again. Damn it. This is why he didn’t want her anywhere near him. Because of him, she was in danger.

A Man Worth Fighting For

He has nothing left to offer.  She's determined to show him just how much he's worth.

Shot by a member of his military team, Justin Lawson retreats to the Wiccan Haus.  Holly Walters refuses to accept her boyfriend's out-of-the-blue rejection without an explanation, even if getting the answers forces her to be trapped on a bizarre island for an entire week.  She's going to use every minute to work Justin out of her system once and for all.  Justin's body and spirit begin to heal under Holly's loving ministrations.  As she talks about never seeing each other again, he realizes he never wants to let her go.  But the rogue assassin who had gone after Justin before is after him again.  Before he can fight to make Holly believe in their love, he'll have to fight for both their lives.

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Musa Publishing
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With This Kilt I Thee Bed #Highlander #NewRelease from @LandraGraf

They’re not your traditional highlanders.

Rafe Gordon, Laird of Nairn, is searching for release from the nightmare of his wife’s passing. When Elsie, his daughter’s new governess, brings with her the temptation of passion and a less-than-perfect-past, Rafe must decide if love truly can conquer all.

Innes Gordon is looking for a good time. When that good time turns out to be the childhood-friend-turned-kept-woman Catriona, he finds himself torn between claiming her ‘til death do us part’ or simply sharing her with his twin.

Hamish Gordon is seeking a woman all his own. While his family’s home is invaded with nuptial ceremonies, Hamish is sent to patrol his older brother’s hunting grounds in search of a thief. Discovering his prey yields the biggest surprise — and Athdara needs his help as much as he needs hers.

Buy Links:
Note: *Special Release Price at $1.99* Price will increase to $2.99 on 10/22
*More links to come as other sites come available

Author Links:


Curse that bloody Innes to hell and back. The last time she’d seen him, he’d kissed her, laughed at her, and sent her on a cursing tirade of his loveless ways. They’d been only a few years past the age of fifteen, and if she’d known that in six years her ideas of the future—married, with children and a croft—were pointless, maybe she wouldn’t have yelled at him so loud.

Now, he stood, arrogant as ever, calling to account her fairly new profession. She needed the coin desperately to support her family. With two siblings to feed, creditors demanding accounts be brought current, and her father’s passing not more than two months prior, there’d been no other choice. Her maiden virtue went the way of a Scottish crown, but to willingly give herself up to Innes and Hamish’s rampant and wild demands?

“What are you suggesting?” No harm in finding out.

Innes’s smile widened, reminding her of all the dares he used to issue when they were younger. “Well first—“

“You don’t have to agree to this, Catriona,” Hamish said pushing Innes to the side. He’d always been the voice of reason trying to get her to back down. When she wouldn’t, he’d be right beside her.

She shook her head. “At least let him try to convince me to participate in some sexual romp like the rumors speak of.”

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Get in the Spirit of Halloween with a #freeread from @MarciBoudreaux @MusaPublishing

Musa Publishing is excited to announce The Legend of Sarah Latham, a paranormal romance FREE READ by Marci Boudreaux, is now available.

Family reunions can be hell.

Nearly four hundred years ago, Sarah Latham and William Fuller disappeared. Legend has it she was a wicked witch and he was her demon. Legend also has it that whenever a Latham descendant reaches thirty years of age, Sarah comes to drag them to Hell.

Good thing twenty-nine-year-old Elizabeth Latham doesn't believe in legends. Or at least she didn't until she happened upon a woman in the family cemetery who just happened to look an awful lot like the paintings in the local museum.

Elizabeth is determined to stay ground in reality, but her idea of reality is shattered when she finally accepts that Sarah and William have returned. She soon realizes that Sarah is about as far from wicked as William is from being a demon.

So if Sarah hasn't been dragging generations of Lathams to hell...who has?

“This is it,” Elizabeth said. “The Latham Museum.”

“I know,” Sarah whispered.


Sarah forced a smile as she looked at the woman next to her. “It, uh, isn’t much, is it?”

“Well, according to the museum, the cabin is exactly the same. Every board has been replaced at some point, and electricity and running water were added in the fifties, but overall, the structure is exactly as it was then. So they say.”

Sarah took a moment to look up at the log cabin again while Elizabeth hopped out of the truck. Thoughts of her life here ran through her mind like a movie as she finally opened the door and put her feet on the ground. Moving toward the house was like being transported through time. Each step made the past feel closer until she could smell the fields and hear axes chopping in the distance as the boys cut wood for their fireplace.

Sarah was pulled back to the present when Elizabeth pushed a door open and caused a bell to jingle. Sarah took a breath as she stepped inside, bracing herself for whatever remnants of the past remained.

Actually, the cabin wasn’t a terrible replica of the home she had shared with the Latham men. Her gaze immediately lifted to the loft where the boys had slept. The fireplace to her left had a huge kettle hanging from a hook and a wooden table had chairs surrounding it, closely resembling the setting that had been there before.

In the window, which now had glass panes, was a Voodoo doll with Xs stitched for eyes and pins sticking out of it. She’d never done that; such a brazen act would have brought suspicion of witchery from her neighbors, but she guessed that was what the museum was going for—the blatant signs of witchcraft that legends were made of.

A stuffed black cat sat on a chair, forever stuck with its paw in the air and hissing violently. The Lathams had never owned a cat. Sarah loathed cats then and now. Black felines were just another stereotype blown completely out of proportion.

One wicked witch, one black cat, one coven who summoned demons from hell, and now all witches were supposed to have black cats, pointy hats, and Satan on speed dial. She shook her head, offended that this was part of her legend.

But then, something else drew her attention and pulled her into the so-called museum. A stand in the middle of the room with a glass case over it summoned her.

“Jasper,” she breathed. She bypassed all the other trinkets and displays, and went straight for the display. His journal. The journal she’d given him and protected with a spell so long ago was there and was nearly as perfect as it had been then.

The book lay opened to a page with a drawing. She’d always been amazed by his artistic ability. He could put charcoal to paper and make the most lifelike images appear with just a few strokes and smudges.

Her smile fell when she stood over the picture exposed to museum visitors. A drawing of her. A perfect drawing in fact. Four hundred years later and she looked exactly as she had in the drawing he’d made. Her dark hair was pulled up and tucked under a bonnet, her clothes were from the old days, but her light eyes, high cheekbones, and full lips were the same.

“Whoa,” Elizabeth said, standing next to Sarah. She looked from the drawn Sarah to the live one. “Remember how I said you kind of looked like Sarah Latham? I take that back. You are a dead ringer for Sarah Latham.”

“So it seems.”

“Creepy,” Elizabeth whispered.

Watch the Book Trailer on YouTube.

Claim your FREE download HERE.

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Musa Publishing - Amazon

Marci Boudreaux, her husband, two daughters, and their numerous pets live in Iowa. She is a freelance writer and appears monthly in a variety of local magazines as well as a content editor for several small publishing houses.

Romance is her preferred reading and writing genre because nothing feels better than falling in love with someone new. And since her husband doesn't like when she does that in real life, the best solution is to write it.

Marci has her MS in Publishing and works as a freelance editor for Kensington Publishing Corporation in their Lyrical Press imprint. Marci also does freelance editing including developmental, content, and grammar for authors preparing to start the submission process.

Learn more about Marci Boudreaux on her website. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter.

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#WiccanHaus Spotlight Week 10: Lifebound by Leigh Daily @arleycole @MusaPublishing #pnr

The Wiccan Haus is a series of shared-world books, which means that multiple authors will write books set in the same world. The books are stand alones and can be read in order. However, we recommend that you read Shifting Hearts first, because this book introduces you to the world, the residents, and the magic of the Wiccan Haus.

Each week I am spotlighting a Wiccan Haus book on my blog. Not only am I an author for the series, I'm also a fan!

Week #10:

by Leigh Daily

A fine line divides ecstasy and death; they are about to cross it.
Lamia Adriana Velen doesn’t want another host. She has come to Wiccan Haus to learn to balance her energies without draining the life of a human. However, when extreme skateboarder Josh Trenton comes near, his energy practically leaps into her. Josh just wants space to recover from an accident that could end his career, but one touch from Adriana threatens to enslave him---body and soul. Can they walk the fine line between ecstasy and death, or will she consume him, utterly?
- See more at: